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Wuhan Xinhuafeng Mechanical Manufacturing Co., ltd

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About us
Our History: Established in 2002,Website:, Xinhuafeng specialized in manufacturing, designing and supplying floating seals for over 15 years. As a rapidly growing company, Xinhuafeng now could produce 300,000 floating seals in over 500 sizes for construction, agriculture, mining and power generation industries.
Our factory:Our factory is located in the central of China, Wuhan. There are many major heavy mechanical machinery manufacturer, more than 200 universities and state key laboratory and research institution. By cooperating with many of those universities and institutions, we have many breakthrough in production and research. It have been greatly improved the products quality and our own research and development.
Our Products: Our seal type could be divided into DO, DF, Heavy Duty Seal, Mechanical Face Seal. It also could be divided into materials that are 100Cr6, High-Chromium Alloy and Super Wear-resistant Material.
Product Application: Constru... [View Company Profile]
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